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About us

We are a team of curious problem-solvers

Behind the labcardTrust the process.

Arham Labs was started with one truth in mind - success is 1% idea, 99% execution.

More ventures (corporate or startup) fail than succeed because of the gap between the vision and execution. Departments working in silos from a lack of project management in building a digital product.

As project after project went by, we realised there was only one way to make a project a success. An effective process.

Our shared values and beliefs influence everything we do.

At Arham Labs, a team isn’t just a group of people with the same tasks for the week. The spirit of the team is core to our culture.

We build products with a people-first approach.

Putting people at the core: crafting digital products with an emphasis on user-centric design and a focus on meeting real-world needs.

Recognise that we are building for people.

Our solutions -- be it products, services, experiences, or business units -- therefore have to be human-centric, empowering communities, cities, and even countries.

From the tree-tops, to the grassroots.

The most successful organizations innovate by empowering the people who drive them.

Complex problems are best solved collaboratively.

Previously siloed networks must be brought together to work on systemic challenges such as mobility, food, financial literacy, and healthcare.

Our commitment towards building a stellar team

At Arham Labs, we focus on career progression and personal development to make sure every team member achieves their goals, including six days allotted every year for Learning & Development.

As a result of the investment we make in our people, our team members frequently advance in their roles and responsibilities as they grow their career with us, as a matter of skill and experience rather than an arbitrary number of years.

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